Welcome to the FCC Regulatory Fee Information Website for Media Services - 2013

Broadcasting Facility Regulatory Fee Information<br> The FCC no longer accepts fee exemption claims at this website.

If you are fee-exempt, you are required to furnish to the FCC a copy of the documentation that proves your fee-exempt status. Acceptable documentation may include a copy of your IRS determination letter showing your IRS section 501(c) tax exemption status, or state or government certifications, or proof of your station's noncommercial educational (NCE) broadcast status at the FCC. To claim your fee exemption:

You may e-mail your documentation to the FCC at
ARINQUIRIES@fcc.gov, or

You may fax your documentation to the FCC at (202) 418-7869, or you may mail your documentation to:

FCC, Office of the Managing Director
445 12th Street, S.W., Room 1-A625
Washington, DC, 20554

Payment Information

All regulatees are required to pay their regulatory fees via the Commission’s online Fee Filer system. Regulatees must access Fee Filer with a valid CORES FRN and password. Regulatees choosing to submit payment by check or money order (as opposed to paying electronically via Fee Filer) must accompany their payment with a Form 159-E voucher generated by Fee Filer, and submit payment to:

FCC Regulatory Fees
P.O. Box 979084
St. Louis, MO 63197-9000

or send your payment and Form 159-E voucher by courier to:

Federal Communications Commission Regulatory Fees
c/o U.S. Bank, Government Lock Box #979084
1005 Convention Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63101
Attn: FCC Government Lockbox

Benefits of using Fee Filer:

  1. Fee Filer Provides Quick, Accurate, and Secure Online Filing and Payment Transactions
    Online transactions are less prone to errors and are processed using a system that was built to Department of Treasury security specifications, employing the latest technology and encryption techniques to safeguard data.

  2. Fee Filer Supports Credit Card and ACH Payment Transactions
    Regulatory fee payments of up to $49,999 are accepted by credit card or payments of an unlimited dollar amount can be withdrawn from an individual or business checking or savings account.

  3. Fee Filer Streamlines Large Volume Transactions
    Pay regulatory fees for multiple applicants or services in a single transaction, eliminating the need for hardcopy Form 159-C. In addition, pay billed regulatory fees and other fees that were not billed together in a single transaction.

  4. Fee Filer Eliminates Paperwork
    No paper filing required for online payments.

Click now to access the Fee Filer website: www.fcc.gov/fees/feefiler.html

Reference Material

For questions regarding information contained on this website,
please contact the FCC Financial Operations Help Desk at 877.480.3201, Option 4.

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